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Wk 2 Dis 2 response

After reviewing your peer’s movement assessment, compare and contrast your examples. How were the assessments similar?  How were they different? Ensure each peer response contains a minimum of 100 words.

The articular system gets its name from the joints in our body or the articulation that occurs. There are many types of joints within the human body and each plays a specific and unique role in allowing us to move with proper functionality. Some joints have an incredible amount of movement in a near frictionless environment. Some joints are completely locked in place against bone, never to be moved again. All of these joints however have a huge influence on our quality of life and the movement of our bodies.

The nervous system can be broken up into two major sections. The brain and the spinal cord is the central nervous system (CNS) and everything outside of the brain and spinal cord is the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The nervous system’s “input” devices comprise the sensory system. The sensory system absorbs and measures information from all around you and inside of you and then relays that information to the central nervous system for analyzing. The “output” side of the nervous system is the motor system. The motor system carries out the orders from the central nervous system and tells muscles and glands how to respond. (Colbert, B.)

Let’s say I am cooking some ramen noodles by boiling them in water on the stove. I then lose concentration and my hand leans over the flame. My nervous system receptors or “input” devices sense that something is wrong and send a signal to the central nervous system. The CNS then uses the “output” or motor system to tell the muscles and bones in my arm to get my hand out of there! My articular system along with my skeletal system allows my hand to be moved away from the flame in the quickest and safest way possible. This action implements all four systems discussed

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