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WK 2 Part 2 Dis,2

Review and Imagine that you are the soccer player receiving this information from the consultant.  Do you agree with the information provided?  Why or why not?  What specific information provided in your classmate’s post helped you to come to that decision?

 Metabolism is the natural processes of the exchange of energy throughout the body. Meaning that anytime something occurs in the body, whether it is involuntary movements or voluntary it requires some type of fuel source. The three main fuel sources for metabolism are carbs, proteins, and fats. Each one is used at specific points during activity.During high intensity short workouts that require lots of energy carbs are the main fuel source. After he exercise duration has increase and fuel sources begin to change. Fats become the following source of energy then protein. Fat metabolism increases the stiffness of the body, because the fat to muscle ratio decreases. Also because fat is being burned more muscle is being grown. Muscle is metabolic which means it increases the metabolism significantly. Protein is also a source of energy but it is utilized at a slower rate, and protein is a recovery agent for muscles, so if it is exhausted delayed onset occurs because when protein is used as a energy source nitrogen occurs as a result of protein metabolism. 

Support your reasoning with at least one scholarly source.

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