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Write 150 word to respond to questions in bold below, no title page, need to cite, and need references.

"Andrea Yates Case"

Some helpful References

Fisher, K. (2002). Saving Her Children's Souls: Theoretical Perspectives on Postpartum-Related Infanticide and Andrea Yates. T. Jefferson L. Rev., 25, 599.

O'Malley, S. (2004). Are You There Alone? The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates. Simon and Schuster.

In last weeks readings we talked about negligence, recklessness and criminal liability. Looking back at this case, were there other parties the State could have tried to hold accountable for her actions? Were the medical professionals responsible in a legal way? What about her family members? How does criminal liability and negligence or recklessness interact with the facts of this case in your mind (if at all)? How do you decide as a prosecutor who to charge and who to exclude? What message would it send if charges had been pressed against other parties?

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