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With this pod cast we can have a better understanding for what we're going to learn through this week, which is behavioral theories and how the implementation of this in our current system can be of big benefit to all of us, let's say this can be implemented in penitentiaries and with the inmates population and applying this could benefit the whole environment for inmates and for officials working in those institutions, I think those correctional institutions people who worked there want to have a nice environment, instead of a chaos or hostile environment, then applying these behavioral theories could benefit and in some way "educate" inmates, because if they learn that those who behave and not contribute with having an aggressive behavior or motivating others to act like that, so for those who behave and try to communicate that within the inmate population, then for those can be some kind of "reward", like having an extra time for the visiting of families or having an extra meal, things like that can be teach and more important inmates can learn that and at the end this could benefit to all within the institution, inmates and workers, because it will improve the environment in a positive way, therefore at the end authorities will be providing the best environment as possible.

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