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would you agree or disagree with the statements provided about the company and why?

would you agree or disagree with the statements provided about the company and why?

Learning Activity #2

  • Please provide a specific example of a company you know or have read about, and how it has demonstrated social responsibility, and how this has benefited the company. 

2.1 Introduced in chapter two , Ben and Jerry's Ice cream company was known to be an aggressive marketer, attacking Pillsbury back from cutting into Ben and Jerry's profits (Mastering Strategic Management,2014a, Leading strategically, p. 65). Ethical however, Ben and Jerry were also Corporate Social Responsible leaders. Ben and Jerry created a model to only source local Creameries, and within the communities their factories were physically in employed locally. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors option promoted their ethical stance and cause the company believed in. Now owned by Unilever, Ben and Jerry's foundation of supporting the communities and suppliers are still from local farmers for their raw materials and impacting by supporting ethical causes, makes the company unique in starting the movement of being a corporate social responsible leader.

2Explain why Corporate Social Responsibility is important to each of the above stakeholders.

2.2 Social responsibility is important to the communities they impacted by the local economy and environmental concerns. The company supports the community directly and indirectly by providing jobs to locals or by other jobs related to the business to attract more businesses.

2.2 a)The community benefits from the organization physical presents will providing jobs to locals. Also, the organization provides taxes to the state in some cases where the plant is physically located. Corporations can build or break townships. Giving back to local schools and non-profit organizations, encourage communal relations.

 b) Consumers have the feeling of supporting a good cause while purchasing. Spending their dollars are more than a product both the company and the consumer gets added value to the exchange of purchase with a purpose.

c) Shareholders can continue to have stable or increase ROI by a company staying true to the ethical nature of social responsibility. Scandals are costly, and companies normally cannot regain their good faith from all stakeholders. Profitability is the objective of social responsibility to shareholders from an organization (p.314)

 d)Employees are impacted by retention, job security and value. Ensuring employees are working for a company invested in their well-being in providing, advancement in the company. Employee retention is encourage by providing unions, benefit packages and price-sharing and stock options (p. 326). Volunteering for an ethical cause and caring for the environment and or the local communities they work and live in, will encourage loyalty and better workers.

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