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Wriiten Proposal Powerpoint Presentation

Proposal-Based Presentation (7-8 Slides) (I will attach proposal seperate)

With your finished written proposal now done, you are ready to create a PowerPoint presentation based on it. This should not be a reproduction of your proposal; rather it is to share information about your proposal with your classmates.

Presentation Guidelines

To create your Proposal Project Presentation, you should not copy and paste large sections of text from your written proposal.A PowerPoint presentation is not the same as a written report. Your slides should include only the main points from your proposal and these main points should be condensed into short phrases and explanations. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements:

  • Title Slide (1 slide)

    • Your title slide should include the following:

      • An appropriate title for your proposal presentation

      • The name of this course

      • The author's name

      • The date of the presentation

  • Problem Section (1-3 slides)

    • Just as you did in the written proposal, you must prove that a serious problem exists.

    • You may want to answer these questions about your problem:

      • How long has the problem existed?

      • Is it worse now? Why?

      • What are some relevant statistics?

      • What are other people doing to solve similar problems?

  • Audience (1-2 slides)

    • Your slides should explain who the audience of your proposal includes and what their needs are.

    • Tell how you will overcome skepticism.

    • What objections do you anticipate?

    • How will you be sure your proposal is the "winning" proposal for this audience?

  • Solution Section (1-3 slides)

    • Your slides should briefly outline the change you propose and want approved.

    • Your solution should be directly related to the problem you just documented and be appropriate to the audience you've described.

However, please remember that PowerPoint slides should use short phrases and explanations, not complete paragraphs from your written proposal. You may want to include a visual, especially if your problem section discusses relevant statistics.

In the overall format of your PowerPoint slides, please use the following guidelines:

Use an appropriate design template. Assume that your presentation will be given in a "bright" room (with the lights on).

A Word on Visuals...

Make sure your visuals explain, support, or enhance your presentation. Do not use visuals simply as decoration.

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