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Write 1 page with APA style on Discussion 2 Week 8 Linear Programming Approach.

Write 1 page with APA style on Discussion 2 Week 8 Linear Programming Approach. Linear Programming Approach al Affiliation Linear Programming Approach Does the linear programming approach apply the same way in different applications? Explain why or why not using examples.

The linear programming (LP) approach shares similarities in different applications in terms of following the same model formulation steps: (1) the definition of the decision variables. (2) the definition of the objective function. and (3) defining the constraints (Taylor, 2010). As such, whether the problem-solver uses the graphical approach, the computer-based approach, or even sensitivity analysis, the same characteristics need to be clearly and accurately identified. The only disparity is discerning and deciding which LP solving approach would be preferred or most appropriate to use given the simplicity or complexity of the decision variables and the constraints.

For example, in a graphical approach, it has been emphasized that this is most applicable when there are only at most two decision variables. Thus, a graphical approach could be applied with solving for a maximization profit problem (objective function), given two decision variables: producing units of Product A and producing units of Product B (decision variables) with the constraints that these units are to be produced within a time constraint of one week using current labor and materials.

Otherwise, when the decision variables are complex, such as that which required producing a set of products (product mix) or a product to be sold in diverse geographical markets in different states in America, for instance (market mix), a computer based approach was noted to be most appropriate since encoding all the variables would be simpler using the Excel application. The more complex the decision variables and the constraints, the more it would be appropriate to use computer-based approach to assist in solving the problem with greater speed and accuracy.


Taylor, B. I. (2010). Introduction to Management Science. Pearson Education, Inc.

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