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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic leadership and management analysis: a of delaney hall.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic leadership and management analysis: a of delaney hall. GEO Residential Reentry Center was established in promoting rehabilitative and community reintegration for both post-release in-custody offenders. Before admission into the facility, an individual must be assessed on their mental health state. Other services offered in the facility include behavioral therapy, residential placement and medical support for the individuals. Of interest to the current study is Delaney Hall which is a sub-group of GEO that offers private detention facility situated in Newark, New Jersey (GEO Group, Inc., 2018). The facility offers services to more than 700 residents both men and women from Essex and Union County. The mission of the facility is reducing the recidivism rate of offenders, which implies that this facility prevents offenders from re-offending. One of the key consideration based on HSA is mental health, which influences the rate of recidivism. Additionally, Delaney Hall offers other services like chronic care, but the main responsibility of the facility is offering mental health needs. The interviewee was a Health Service Administrator at the Delaney Hall facility. As a passionate woman, she has long experience in service delivery first as a nursing profession as a bedside nurse. She advanced an administrative role where she has been involved in the leadership and management of the facility. She services in the facility as the Health Services Administrator with a regional health services director and manager. She works together with the two in the provision of optimal care. Additionally, she is in charge of the medical metrics like setting up and interviewing the specialty staff. She was responsible for all the quality improvement projects and quarterly auditing. She discusses with directors of contracted facilities on all medical issues to ensure they send residents to the facility. Health Service Administrator is also responsible for budgeting of all the full time per diem staff, contract with physicians, and budget with Henry Schein, credential for all employees, ensure national practitioner data bank, and licenses CPRS are completed. Health Service Administrator does the reporting and budgets that are tracked using smart sheet system developed by the company. Using the share sheets, the HSA is able together with her staff and directors to track staffing plans/vacancies, daily intakes, all medical metrics, and scheduling. Further, she does conference calls every week for staffing vacancies and another with health service administrators weekly. She is responsible for managing about 43 nurses, one medical secretary, two medical technologists, and five doctors.&nbsp.In the facility, Health Service Administrator is responsible for management responsibilities. One of the key management is role involves that of 43 nurses, five doctors, two medical technologists, and one medical secretary. With these teams, she is responsible for solving issues arising in the facility to effectively ensure that equity is restored and performance is guaranteed. She is responsible for ensuring compliance with the standard procedures in the facility by working together with the employees to ensure all these requirements are fulfilled.&nbsp. She ensures all these standard procedures are adhered to and that the regulations including documentation are done as expected. The Health Service Administrator is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy on staff. The facility has an active human resource that has to be managed effectively to ensure that the workforce is highly satisfied. The smart sheet helps in the management activities where budgeting or resources allocation is critical. In this case, there is a need to align financial and human resources in the facility to ensure that they are efficient operations and delivery of services.

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