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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the psychosocial effects of hearing loss in adults.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic the psychosocial effects of hearing loss in adults. According to the essay findings most people tend to experience hearing loss as they age. 30 % of adults between 65 and 74 years, and 47 % of adults aged 75 years and above experience hearing loss. Therefore, hearing loss in adults mainly affects older adults. Adults having this problem may experience problems such as anxiety, depression, sadness, as well as paranoia and emotional turmoil. Hearing loss may either be mild or severe. in mild cases, there adult may not be having many difficulties in hearing while in severe cases, there may be complete impairment in hearing. Hearing loss can also be classified as either bilateral or unilateral. Hearing loss is referred to as bilateral when it affects both ears and unilateral when it affects only one ear.

This paper stresses that hearing loss can be severe, especially when it affects a person from birth. However, hearing loss that affects individuals when they have already become adults may not have severe consequences. Only mild impacts of hearing loss may be encountered in such form of hearing loss. A notable impact of hearing loss on the self-worth of the patient encompasses the psychological solitary confinement that comes along with this condition. They feel confined in their world, and they dislike interactions and communication with other persons. Their self-worth is also damaged since they live in denial. Most patients with hearing loss disability do not accept that they suffer from the condition. they may also deny the impact that the quality has on the quality of their lives.

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