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Write 10 pages with APA style on Nurses Narratives of Unforgettable Patient Care Events.

Write 10 pages with APA style on Nurses Narratives of Unforgettable Patient Care Events. In general, the qualitative method used for the study is appropriate although some aspects of the study can be improved.

This critique assesses the research of Gunther and Thomas (2006) with regard to the research problem, purpose, method, sampling, protection of human subjects, data collection, data analysis, findings, and conclusion. The exercise is undertaken to have a better understanding of qualitative research.

What are the key themes of the nurses’ narrative of their experience? What do their narratives indicate their concerns and perspectives? What concerns are important to them? What do the narratives tell of their situation?

Purpose. The authors stated explicitly that the purpose of their research is to “explore the experience of a registered nurse (RNs) caring for patients in contemporary hospital”. Implicitly, the authors defended the significance of their study this way: although there have been studies on how society values the work of a nurse, there have been few studies on how nurses value their own work (Gunther & Thomas, 2006, p. 370-371). Understanding how nurses value their own work through their own narratives will be important towards society’s better understanding of the value of their work.

A study on the value of nurses’ work is important especially as the work of registered nurses remains largely “invisible and undervalued by society, physicians, and administrators (Gunther & Thomas, 2006, p. 370, citing works of several authors). The purpose of the study is highly significant to nursing because putting a proper value to nursing would be crucial to enhance the proper supply of nursing to attend to society’s needs.

Gunther and Thomas (2006, p. 370) noted that although “abundant quantitative research has been conducted on variables such as job satisfaction and perceived stress”, only a few studies have been done on areas of concern from the perspectives of registered nurses. On the last point, the authors cited works of several other authors that supposedly provide confirmation that only a few studies were done on the subject.

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