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Write 10 pages with APA style on The Art made and the Experience in Cyberspace.

Write 10 pages with APA style on The Art made and the Experience in Cyberspace. Today with easy access to the Internet, we can do much while surfing. Business merchandise has led the market onto a new way—online shopping. Online chat now becomes a part of social media, which includes image posting, shares links and creates personal online space. I think that digital technology and our use of it has become interdependent: the development of software gives us the chance to experience and practice, at the same time, the greediness from the use of people pushes further of the software to have better products. For example, Google Company not only has Gmail, but they also have a chat program such as Google Hangouts, and online space which is similar to Facebook. The programs and their functions may not be limited by only these features. My first time to have an MSN was also my first time to have an email with Hotmail. I remember I have a chat friend, Mark, from Australia. I chat with him to practice English, but soon after we started chatting, I realize how different a person from another country could be. MSN not only helped me learn and practice English but also learn about people in Australia. We became friends. we talked about music and we sent each other music through MSN, we also talked about our emotions as friends. Digital technology is a medium of art use. Learning about a new culture, music, and another language is the way to practice art, and with digital technology products, we can practice art easily. And even more, making friends is a deeper level outcome of us practicing art via digital technology. According to the book “The Digital Divide”, the author of “Love Online”, Henry Jenkins points out that “though they met online, this is not the story of a virtual relationship. their feelings were no less real to them than the first love of any other teenager, past or present” (160). Making friends or having a relationship, digital technology extends our ability to achieve it physically, in a much more convenient way.&nbsp. Therefore, digital technology is not only providing a chance to practice art but also develops opportunities in the sense of socialization.

Digital technology and art are not only extending our social circle virtually but also physically. The theme park is one of the best entertaining public spaces. It contains world-famous movie characters, cartoon figures, and fairground instruments that go along with themes. The world-known parks like Universal Studio and Disneyland are the most representative of the combination of moving images and the art made. Sometimes it is a short clip from the actual movie, for example, the Transformer, where bad guys are damaging the city and good guys are fighting with them.&nbsp.

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