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Write 12 pages with APA style on The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis in Greece and Turkey.

Write 12 pages with APA style on The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis in Greece and Turkey. Greece has been a weaker nation in terms of economy. The nation has been in politico-financial struggles after the collapse and failure of the Athens Stock Exchange. The government officers fueled the crisis by often uttering statements, which led to a wild market. The fall of the Stock Exchange resulted in great losses to many investors in the nation especially the small investors and the biggest redistribution of the wealth occurred in the country (Schiek, 2014). This loss was the greatest ever to have happened. The prime minister was the one who was responsible for the dramatic rise and fall of the Stock Exchange. Four countries and three seas surround Greece. These countries include. Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, and the Republic of Macedonia seas include Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean Sea (Chaulia, 2014). Greece experiences three types of climates, which includes the Mediterranean climate, alpine climate, and temperate climate. Over eighty percent of Greece is covered by mountains. Most of the mainland to the south from the Balkan Peninsula. The major ranges of Greece include the Pindus and Dinaric Alps. The highest mountain is Mount Olympus. Greece has a very large island called Crete. Greece has numerous hazards to its environment, which include droughts, wildfires, and earthquakes. Greece politics takes place in the parliamentary representation where the prime minister is the state's head. Greece has a multiparty system of government. Hellenic parliament and the government have the legislative power (Jandieri, 2014). President is elected by the parliament for a term of five years. When the term of the sitting president expires, the parliament is supposed to vote for a new president. The president of the nation is bestowed with the power to declare war, terminate agreements of peace or grant pardon. Citizens upon declaration of confidence in the parliament and the office of the prime minister-elect the prime minister.

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