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Write 14 pages thesis on the topic evaluation of pay level for healthcare workers in the uk.

Write 14 pages thesis on the topic evaluation of pay level for healthcare workers in the uk. ul consideration to all the various pros and cons of the developing situations in the concerned areas of the public health care, has become the need of the hour. Healthcare organizations are facing multi-pronged problems that need to introduce some radical organizational changes to improve health delivery systems. Human resources in the health organizations of the UK has, therefore, become pivotal in improving and improvising the quality of healthcare delivery. So the question, ‘Is NHS implementing job evaluation in order to assist pay equity?’ becomes highly pertinent. Pay equity broadly defines the same wage across people belonging to different gender, race, culture, or disability for the same job description. The study is designed to evaluate the job criteria of people employed in the healthcare organization organizations and would make efforts to find if they assist pay equity.

National Health Service is the largest healthcare organization of the government of United Kingdom that forms strategic alliances with local authorities to take initiatives in the various healthcare-related projects for the welfare of the people at large. A study of East Neasden had found that the main reasons for the problems of NHS were that it was not managed professionally and was guided primarily by the ‘consensus management’ between the different interest groups like administrative, clinical, para-medical, nursing and other such groups that facilitated the delivery of healthcare (Study, p1). The deteriorating quality in NHS hospitals has increasingly become a major concern. In the emerging challenges of the changing business equations, the healthcare industry needs highly skilled persons who are able to work under stressful conditions. There are several business aspects that impel HR strategies to move towards this new work environment in a flexible and versatile approach.

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