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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic carpooling apps marketing plan. The questions Specify segmentation, targeting, positioning for a marketing plan (for the project) The carpool app in the mobile phones

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic carpooling apps marketing plan. The questions Specify segmentation, targeting, positioning for a marketing plan (for the project) The carpool app in the mobile phones has set a new stage in the marketing strategy that seeks to improve commuting among students. By offering wide variety of options on whom and where to share rides, it has become one of the most economical means of commuting by students. The target market will be students as this is relevant for this course as these groups seeks to exploit cost minimization approach in their daily expenditure. Segmentation is equally exhibited by this app as various social classes share rides and donates differently with their comparatively average earners (Crawford, et al. 56). The positioning of this marketing plan is strategic and competitive since it works on the basis of cost saving to the commuters and offers a considerable discount on the overall recurrent expenditure on transport among the students.

Consider strategic fit with host organization

Carpooling apps is likely to gain much market coverage due to its integration of technology in the growing transport sector. With 511 and LYFT as the main products and San Francisco state university as the host organization, it is worth to note that the technological application by the firm is likely to be sustainable with its internal management structure. The external environment which can be attributed to the increasing adoption of technology by the young generation is a recipe to its sustainable operation performance in the market (Crawford, et al. 256). The strategic fit in this case is likely to work in favor of this firm as it is technologically focused which is in line with the globalization pressure and students are therefore encouraged to subscribe. The subscription approach is more convenient and supported by the apps with significant customer attraction.

Develop assumptions and decision criteria for pricing

The pricing strategy applicable in this case explores several assumptions that the firm has adopted. Some of the assumptions Carpooling venture exploits to boost its performance includes. Understand the market shifts and how they impact the new product so that the prices are made flexible and adaptable to the changing market trends and students as the focal point. The other assumption lies on the fact that the management know which prospects to target first and can identify the key influencers that are involved in purchasing the new products and services especially among students (Crawford, et al. 321). The firm is also assuming knowledge of the type of decision making criteria the students (clients) will use when making decision on acquiring the new product. The final assumption in their pricing strategy is knowing the potential hurdles and possible remedial measures.

Determine and specify a good-fit pricing strategy

A good-fit pricing strategy is Vendor pricing which focuses on consumers varied choices and the competitive tool in the industry. The students require quality as their first decision making tool. It is therefore worth to note that the case under study is a service and may require differentiated pricing. Competitive pricing would serve this firm best since it is focused on quality which is a sustainable customer attraction tool and popular among the students (Crawford, et al. 456). The quality of this service will be pegged on convenience and user-friendly apps on mobile phones. In this case, the students (customers) pay for the value of the product which serves the interest of the society and promotes the image of the firm in the industry. This is a sound pricing strategy that is equally beneficial to management as they are likely to develop further research based marketing. As a new product in the market, it is advisable to embrace this pricing strategy.

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