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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic chemistry of life: admission for pharmacy program.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic chemistry of life: admission for pharmacy program. Personal ment: My Chemistry of Life I have a vivid childhood memory of my little sister struggling to breathe during an asthma attack. Her medication, Decadron, eased the symptoms. I recall my mother's concerns about the drug's side effects. Interested and confused, I tried to understand how something so helpful could also be harmful. Her muscles weakened and her heart rate increased. So began my passion to explore how illness happened, and how pharmaceutics worked in its treatment. I called it "the chemistry of life" and decided to focus on learning everything about this subject. I would be a pharmacist one day. At high school in Brazil, I enrolled on a chemistry course and when I left school, what better way to increase my knowledge and gain practical experience than to work in the pharmacy industry

I was fortunate to be given a nine-month internship as a chemistry technician by Farmacia Roval de Manipulacao (Roval Pharmacy Manipulation), followed by two years of working for the company. In my white coat, I learned about the safe use of medication, actually making capsules, solutions, eye drops, even cosmetics. I understood better what had happened with my little sister. I then worked at Gradar Produtos Farmaceuticos (Gradar Pharmaceutics Products) for 16 months. These experiences gave me practical skills and knowledge, keeping me focused on my ambition. At that time, this seemed out of reach. I wanted to achieve the academic qualifications, but such a specialized course was too expensive as my parents were poor. Instead, I enrolled as a Psychology major, but left after only two semesters, certain I had to study pharmacy. I made up my mind to do whatever it took to achieve my goal.

Currently I work for Finch, as a pharmacy technician in a community pharmacy in Greenwich. I have two outstanding pharmacists as colleagues. They have helped me to develop and improve my communication skills, they allow me to use my initiative, give me opportunities to interact with patients, doctors, insurance companies and all service users. In the community pharmacy setting, I have increased my expertise and knowledge about brands, generic, narcotics, antibiotics, their indications and directions. Most important, I am able to connect the medication to the person and see how vital the role of the community pharmacist is to their health and well being. My goal is to become the pharmacist who delivers excellent professional care and service.

The program at MCPHS offers the best opportunities for me, as the five internships would widen my experience and increase my knowledge of laws, rules and regulations, in so many varied settings. I am happy and excited by the prospect of going anywhere in the country to intern. In addition, the program at Worcester would allow me to enter at Third Year Professional Level, and the 34 month accelerated learning means I can move more quickly towards my goal. I know I will be given the best at MCPHS, enabling me to become a successful professional who will pass the Board Pharmacy examination. My childhood interest and working life have taken me far along the road to becoming that community pharmacist, where I can make my "chemistry of life" not only a career, but also a vital contribution to health services.

Additional General Final Paragraph.

This Pharmacy program at..insert college name will allow me to combine my work experiences and completed pre-pharmacy courses with the academic coursework I am eager to begin to study. Because I am committed and dedicated to extending my knowledge and skills, to learning more about the laws and regulations, I will apply myself so that I graduate with the qualifications I need. My memory of my little sister has driven me onwards and I will succeed. I will reach my goal of becoming a community pharmacist, where I will make my "chemistry of life" not only my career, but also a vital contribution to health services.

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