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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic my impressions of the beach. Descriptive essay about the beachWater all around, mounting waves, vast stretch of sand all along the seashore, winds blowing the trees,

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic my impressions of the beach. Descriptive essay about the beach

Water all around, mounting waves, vast stretch of sand all along the seashore, winds blowing the trees, kids making sand houses – a beach is a place which always gives me a peace of mind. The calmness, the positivity and the beauty that surrounds a beach is what has always attracted me towards it. Whenever I feel disturbed, I just go and sit on the soft, wet sand at the beach and keep looking at the pounding waves which come towards me and take away all my worries. I forget about everything else and just enjoy the serene pleasure the place and its ambience has to offer.

Whenever I go to a beach, I sit there for hours just looking at the waves which rise and clash with the shores and silently move back again. It always makes me feel calm since I relate it with my anger. Like the rising waves, the anger surges high and thinking about the waves I try and subside it. The waves are such an inspiration. The splash of water hits my face and I feel so relaxed as if time has stopped and there is nothing else to do except just sitting on the sea-shore and watching the beauty of nature.

The rays of the sun embrace me and as I move towards the water, the sand slips away from beneath my feet. The waves crash against my body and move back as I keep moving forward. The cool touch of the water is a stress-buster and relieves my mind of all the tensions. The fast blowing winds breeze against my face and leave a soothing effect.

I love watching the sunset at the beach. The reddish orange sun looks extremely beautiful and shimmers the endless stretch of water as it sets. Hundreds of people come to watch sunset. A number of couples enjoy some quality time with each other right under nature’s cover. Photographers run around to compel the love-lorn to get clicked in scenic beauty of the beach side.

There are huts at the border of the shore outside which women clad in sarees sell bangles and artificial jewellery. Kids help their moms to sell-off their products.

When I was a kid, I used to crave to go to my aunt’s beach house during summers. Every weekend of June and July, we used to visit and stay at my aunt’s beach house where I learnt how to swim. It was so much fun to keep moving with the waves while inside kids float. The moment it took me a little ahead, my elder cousin used to drag the float back along with me. The waves almost covered me and the salty taste of the water gave me a tangy feeling.

I remember, my younger sister and I always had a house making competition and whoever made the tallest house in least possible time won. Mummy used to prepare a special favourite dish for the winner. Most of the time she won, but she would not mind sharing the dish with me. Therefore, it never made me strive harder to win the competition because I did not lose on the special lunch or dinner. We also used to make paper boats and made them float in the ocean and kept looking at them without winking the eyes until it was taken inside by the pounding waves.

Throwing sand balls at each other, having hot coffee with family members while sitting under the sun and enjoying the sweet smell of popcorn – the experience of the beach visit has always been special. Even today when I have an argument with someone or feel heavy at heart, I make my way towards the beach and stay there for four to five hours simply doing nothing and just gazing into the vast stretch of the ocean. As the waves motivate me and the positivity enters my system, the worries gush out and I am again a relaxed, calm person, forgetful of all the tensions and problems that had taken over me when I started for the beach.

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