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Write 2 pages with APA style on Ethical Line in Journalism. Ethical Line in JournalismAccording to Utilitarianism, Hubert's actions can best be evaluated using the consequences they produced, they sa

Write 2 pages with APA style on Ethical Line in Journalism. Ethical Line in Journalism

According to Utilitarianism, Hubert's actions can best be evaluated using the consequences they produced, they saved the woman. According to Ross, every individual has a responsibility to engage in activities that promote good results, and this is what he did. In relation to the feminist theory, Hubert's decision shows concern and care for the issues affecting women.

If the sister had died on the scene or even later, the response could not be focused on the actions of saving the perishing women. It could have shifted to the accident that killed the two sisters with photographs emphasizing on the wrecked car. Hubert could have instinctively gone to a journalistic mode lives, taking pictures of the wreck.

By the fact that the story involved elements of good ethics in journalism, it was an appropriate piece for editors. Although the photojournalist failed to capture the main event at the scene, he chooses to try and help the stranger. It was a heroic deed by the people involved which was worth broadcasting.

The journalist involvement in this case helped shift the media focus from the accident itself to the moral and ethical aspects of journalism. The choice not to shoot photographs immediately tell of a journalist who is more concerned with the welfare of the needy as opposed to him doing his core duties.

Midrange Issues


Redbook crossed an ethical line in journalism the time ethical line in journalism they selected to put Aniston on the front page using a manipulated stock photo. They did not obtain permission from her. The magazine chose to use an edited photo crossing an ethical line once again. They deceived readers who believe the picture was real when in reality it was not. In contrast, Hubert chose not be intrusive and revealing but to be helpful to a perishing woman.


Herbert's thinking is in line with Garry's steps. He chooses not to make the moment of the suffering women public, and alternatively he decided to help. For him photographing the women could have sent them into more trauma. He remained as least obtrusive as possible, taking pictures only after the saving the women. Additionally, he chose to act with compassion, and he was sensitive to their need for help.


The craft in the photo is good. It is telling the story of pain, a woman in agony. People are helping her. Someone is offering some water, and a hand is holding her by the shoulder. It shows that the agony is over for the woman, and people are trying to calm and comfort her.

Macro Issues


The Associated Press (AP) should not reward Herbert because his action were personal. He was not acting on the behalf of AP. The AP had employed him as a photojournalist, yet he did not focus on his job and cover the scene of the tragedy in time only opting for it after the real action was over.


Herbert was willing to help, but Greg was not prepared to support. He would rather stick to his journalist role and capture the moment on camera. In a situation where other people are trying to help, a photographer's is bound to join also. The photographer's ability to render help in a majority of cases is severely affected if the context is chaotic for everyone, for instance, a war zone.


A journalist should never abandon their journalism role for the helping one in the following cases.

In a case where professional help is already available, for instance, fire-fighters and emergency medical teams.

When covering the scene of the tragedy is a particular assignment for the journalist.

When the victim has already succumbed, and there is no hope of surviving.

In war zone, where the obligation of helping the injured is a job assigned to particular persons.

Where coverage will serve to send the victim to more trauma.

In cases where the journalist role will distract help being given by others.


Just like Herbert rushed to try and give help, the onlookers at bridge should have marshaled up courage and attempt to stop the suicide. It would have been reasonable to approve Herbert's action if he went shooting immediately at the scene of the tragedy since no one was helping. They were just staring at the flames. He could have been just another onlooker but with a camera.

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