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Write 2 pages with APA style on Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property.

Write 2 pages with APA style on Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property. Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property Intellectual property refers to any property owned by an individual or organization that came as a result of creativity. This property usually has rights that the owner might have acquired after production. This is in order to protect it from unauthorised usage by other individuals, or parties. The production or copying of this protected material is subject to a punishable offense (Vandana 87). This is if the production was without consent. This is done to protect people’s works of art from being misused. Organizations are coming up to ensure that these rights are upheld, and offenders are brought to book for illegal activities. This paper will review the issues surrounding such protection, and what it means to have rights over intellectual property.

In the case study provided, between the two movies, there is obvious plagiarism of the character portrayed in the first film. There is the first film. My Name is Khan, where the individual gets to have certain characteristics that make him memorable. These distinctive traits are unique to that individual, hence making the movie exceptional and unique. The close imitation of the motion picture arises in the form of another film. Forest Grump. This film depicts a similar character as the one in the previous movie, who has the same tendencies, and gets to do what is seen in the first film.

There are apparent resemblances between these two movies that make the second one a plagiarised version of the first. The original concept is taken from the first movie, and used in the next movie. This is certainly considered intellectual theft on the part of the second film, and those involved in its making (Vandana 90). One may come to the rescue of this film and say that bits and pieces of the first movie inspired the creation of the second. However, as much as this might be true, the entire film should not revolve around the same theme as the previous one.

There is usually copyright infringement in such a case. This involves the use of one person’s work of art to represent another as their own. If individuals get to infringe on any work of art that has copyright, then they are liable for prosecution. They have to have permission to borrow content from some of the work to bring out their ideas and logic. Protecting intellectual property means one is protecting their work of art from being misused by other parties (Vandana 107). There is no fair use when it comes to copying works of fiction. This is because one is out to make a profit from the sale of such material.

In conclusion, to prevent the sale and purchase of another party’s work of art, there is the need to have copyright issue. This may prevent the unlawful production, sale, and purchase of material that was already under someone else’s name. The protection of intellectual property should be upheld to prevent others parties from capitalizing and making a profit (Vandana 137). The above case is evidence that one work of art can be plagiarized, and profit made from such illegal trade. However, with the coming up of organizations that protect the rights of artists, and their works of art, plagiarism might just be a thing of the past.

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