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Write 20 pages with APA style on Five Legal Questions in Construction Industry.

Write 20 pages with APA style on Five Legal Questions in Construction Industry. In real sense, these parties happen to be under pressure commercially to start work or the preparatory work the soonest possible as well as turn to a letter of intent, as they continue negotiating the whole contract. In addition, at certain cases, there may be no formal contract that is included.

Doing things under the letter of intent may enable parties to start ahead on a program of construction in various valuable ways that make it possible to commence the design process. Some letters of intent are able to create binding obligations among the parties while some do not (Adrainese 2010). This depends on the drafting as well as the circumstances while the parties may fail to replace the letters of intent with a contract that is formal. In this case, if disputes may arise then the parties will have to resolve the matter on the type of legal obligation that has been created, that is if there exists any, and the rights that the legal obligation gives to the parties involved (Adrainese 2010)

A Letter of intent is a word without any technical meaning. It may be used to describe whatever contract. Typically, it is used to refer to a letter from the employer to the contractor. It may also be a letter to the subcontractor from the main contractor. It shows the employer or main contractor’s willingness (in this context) to engage in a formal contract that is written, for the works that have been described within the letter. It also plays as a request that the contractor or the subcontractor to start the works even before the execution of a formal contract. This serves as a favor to the contractors at certain times in the sense that they may not wait till the formal contract is formulated which may also take time. It also states the demand to start carrying out the agreed work based on their intention to get into a contractual relationship (Adriaanse 2010, P. 58). Contractors may prefer to finish their work at a given time in order to save time for another job elsewhere and so through the letters of intent they are able to begin the tasks earlier.

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