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Write 26 pages thesis on the topic a service-oriented system for distributed data querying: moto company.

Write 26 pages thesis on the topic a service-oriented system for distributed data querying: moto company. The new type of car to be offered changes the product entry dynamic. The new type of car should be seen as entering a new market. International institutions and home country governments are external forces that can also affect bargaining outcomes Eden, L., & Molot, M. (2002,). Such a phenomenon has a slow growth impact on profits. An overview of the different markets is summarized here.

The industrial climate is under review. This is especially so for the mass production activity (Harris, R., & Buzzelli, M. (2005,). The uncertainty makes it necessary for them to protect the local auto manufacturer. MOTO Company is obviously a foreign company.

The auto industry here has huge government backing. It is dominated by two top Japanese auto manufactures already. Both of the companies have a major share of the market. In addition, they have huge research and development facilities there. The country has very little to say about environmentally friendly cars. It seems as though the country is interested in first saving foreign exchange. This has been achieved by the production of cars by these two major Japanese manufacturers. Their other apparent interest is in earning foreign exchanges. This can be seemed by the commitment of the tow major manufactures to produce not only cars but to also produce parts, both of which are in excess of what is needed for the Australian market. The excess production is expressly for the foreign market. A good example is that the cars produced are both right hand and left-hand drive cars. This accommodates the two possible markets in the world.

The government has just provided massive infusions of money. There is no stipulation for environmental type products. This is something that might be considered in about five years. It is not likely hood it would be sooner. By then the USA market experience would have been working.&nbsp.

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