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Write 3 page essay on the topic Pierre Auguste Renoir.Renoir born on 1845 February 25 and died on December 3 1919 was a French artist who contributed greatly to the movement of Impressionism. The move

Write 3 page essay on the topic Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Renoir born on 1845 February 25 and died on December 3 1919 was a French artist who contributed greatly to the movement of Impressionism. The movement is about the artists were not allowed to conduct exhibitions privately. They have to give their paintings to the official salon. Renoir gave some of his paintings to the salon and also at he same time dared to conduct exhibitions privately.

He was very innovative and always experimented with his work and brought out new methods of paintings with which the work looked exclusively special.

The paintings of Renoir give an impression that the figure in the image is coming out of the image, as though the sunrays are falling on the hats or window, as though there is so much delight in the life of a women or the one portrayed, as though some thing special is hidden in them. The freshness and the openness make us feel divine for a moment and we feel are we in the heaven where there is nothing but joy. One must have an artistic heart to understand the art.

Renoir's paintings when viewed, I learned that he frequently painted the landscapes along with other artists of impressionism. He imitated other artists like Cezanne, with small parallel strokes of brush. It is also observed that he was fairly capable enough of painting landscapes but failed experimenting with them. I have chosen the work of Pierre Auguste Renoir because they are not only great but also pretty and whose work seems always to have been done in paradisiacal temperatures.

There might be probably no artist to compare with Renoir whose work is with attractive sentiments of charming people. The images look so lively as though she is alive there with living skin. Not only fresh but the way they look can't be explained. Renoir paintings show joy even in the modern days with some chocolate box qualities. People considered his paintings as just pretty and superficial but infact they are profound and done away with intellectuality of the posers and sitters.

From the artist the technique to show the bright sun light, the shaded areas, the strokes of brush and the apt color compositions to the nature are the things to learn.

Renoir made a self-conscious attempt to make the grand painting through which he conquered the high society and the painting salon or the exhibition as informality of eighteenth century. The painting showed his novel combination of fluid impressionist technique. Here one must remember Vigee-Lebrun. Catulle Mendes was a celebrated poet, publicist, and impresario. He survived with his wife Augusta Holmes, a legendary beauty and a talented musician and his five children. The golden tresses of her were inherited in her daughters also.

Renoir's painting "Madame Charpentier and Her Children" fetched much fame and to recall that fame and success he requested his friend Mendes for his consent to paint his three beautiful daughters. His friend Mendes was a publisher of Symbolist poetry and a well-known writer. Mendes wife and his companion Augusta Holmes, an expert pianist and a composer, was the mother of these girls whose names are Claudine, Huguette, and Helyonne. Renoir appealed to his friend like "I beg you to tell me immediately if you want portraits done of your beautiful children. I shall exhibit them [at the Impressionist exhibition] in May, so you can see why I am in a hurry. I shall do the drawings at your house and the portrait at mine".

In the painting the eldest girl is seated at the piano and turns to her

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