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Write 3 page essay on the topic The American Crisis.Download file to see previous pages... This sentence builds the curiosity of the reader and at the same time prepares the reader for the seriousness

Write 3 page essay on the topic The American Crisis.

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This sentence builds the curiosity of the reader and at the same time prepares the reader for the seriousness involved in the subject matter. Every succeeding sentence, one after the other, motivates the reader to continue reading. The author manages to capture the degree of oppression by the British and the meaning of slavery in a single sentence, the sentence being 'Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to tax) but "to bind us in all cases whatsoever," and if being bound in that manner is not slavery, then is there no such a thing as slavery upon earth' (Paine). This sentence brings out the lack of freedom one would experience on being bound by another and hence inspires one to fight for their right to be free.

The aspect of the article that touched my heart was that many statements included in the article are inspirational in all walks of life, and not just to those fighting for independence. For instance, the statement 'What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly' (Paine) holds good for just anything in life, may it be materialistic or otherwise. What makes diamonds precious is its scarcity, so is the case with freedom. At a point when people were struggling to break free from the British rule without knowing the end or the outcome, imagine the boon a sentence like this could prove to be. During any struggle in life, this sentence would surely motivate me to keep my eye on the goal.

Yet another statement that makes an impact is the one about the summer soldier and sunshine patriot. The author states 'The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot would, in such crisis, shrink from the service of their country. but he who stood it then would deserve the love and thanks of man and woman' (Paine). Here the author is speaking about the fair-weather friends of the revolution. The term 'summer soldier' has been used to describe those men, mainly farmers, who joined the Army when their crops were planted, fought with them during the summer, and went back home to help with the harvest. It also refers to those who stayed with the Army until the weather was suitable and sneaked off in the middle of the night once it got cold. The soldiers, who supported the revolutionaries when the revolution was going well, but not otherwise, were called 'sunshine patriots'. Through this sentence, the author pays tribute to those soldiers who participated in the revolution with all their heart irrespective of the conditions that prevailed. Again, this sentence would hold good during any crisis under the sun. The value of the person who sticks around during a crisis would be much higher than those who are available only when things are going fine.


The author also inspires one to keep faith in god by adding a spiritual justification to the entire situation. The author believes in God's rule that good would always prevail over evil. In the author's opinion, God would not abandon the Americans who were so sincerely struggling for their rights. The author assures that the Americans would find light at the end of the tunnel if they continued on their path of revolution.

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