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Write 3 pages thesis on the topic starbucks coffee fair trade and coffee productions.

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic starbucks coffee fair trade and coffee productions. This essay provides the detailed analysis on the topic of management and strategic planning of Starbucks coffee brand. Today it is one of the most distinguished coffee brands in the world at large, which has successfully established the chains of its stores, cafeterias and display centres in all corners of the globe. The history of the brand, as it is described in this essay started from Seattle, USA in 1971 as coffee bean retailer. These days the company offers to the wide range of its clients and customers multiple choice regarding the divergent coffee tastes and flavours as well as ice cream, books and music through its stores in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. According to its websites, the company contains over sixteen thousand storehouses in forty eight countries and states of the world. In the beginning, the company was confined to the USA as well as dealt in beans retails only, but the joining of Howard Schultz, paved the way towards its fast growth and vast expansion on the one hand, and the introduction of coffee drink, espresso drink, ice cream and other products on the other. Starbucks vehemently lays stress high quality of its product on the one hand and inauguration of its stores in all parts of the world on the other. It is well informed regarding the fact that immediate access to the product plays decisive part in the popularity of the product along with the high quality on which no compromise could be made at any cost. This essay also discusses what made the most pivotal role in the growth and successes of an organization.

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