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Write 4 page essay on the topic Discuss the difficulties most often encountered in business writing and how to avoid them.Download file to see previous pages... Lot of entrepreneurs who undergo the pr

Write 4 page essay on the topic Discuss the difficulties most often encountered in business writing and how to avoid them.

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Lot of entrepreneurs who undergo the process of business writing usually fails to achieve the target due to the following problems. Many business writers fail to come up with effective business writing due to their failure to identify the reader of their business report (Siljander, 2008). This makes it hard for them to gather the necessary information needed to address the key areas of interest to the readers. During the writing, many students concentrate on giving a lot of explanation in areas that are of less importance to the reader. All this is due to their inability to identify the key potential areas which needs much more explanation. To overcome this, the writers need to know the audience they are addressing in their writing. The writer must be aware whether his writing targets up, down or lateral communication. The writer must know the reader of his or her writing as much as possible. The moment the writer realizes the reader of his writing, and he or she will be in a position to address the core problems the reader wants to see solved (Spedding, 2010). For example, if the writer is communicating up the chain of command, then knowing the reader of his writings will be beneficial as it will determine whether her or his writing will be acted upon by the targeted audience. Before engaging in any business writing, the writer should take his or her time to consider the reader preferred communication style. The writer needs to think about how the intended reader communicates with others in the business. Identify whether the intended reader wants the writing to get direct to the point or not. This knowledge of the writer about the intended reader of his message will enable him to know where to put his message, at the beginning or the end. Secondly, during business writing, writers face a monumental problem of deciding on the channel of communication he or she will adopt. This problem appears the moment the writer starts preparing business writing without knowing the intended reader (Moore, 2008). To overcome this, once the writer has identified the end reader of his or her business writing, he or she needs to make an informed decision on the channel to be used. Channels of communicating the writing may be divided into two forms, i.e. formal or informal. During the writing, the writer should consider the reader who will pass through his or her information (Butler, 2006). This will help the writer to choose appropriate channel of communication to use. He or she will be in a position to decide whether to use a brochure, letter, e-mail or other form of business writing. During seminars and business writing workshops, writers often understands the objectives required by different readers. They also find it easier to identify communication channels to be used at various instances. The main problem they face in their attempt to develop and come up with appropriate business writing is a task to realize their overall objective (Moore, 2008). Many writers think that the overall goal of their writing is to ensure the intended reader reads it. By this, they end up falling short of the purpose of business writing. To overcome this problem, writers need to verbalize what they want from the reader (Butler, 2006). This will help them adopt specific actions during their writing. Before the writer gets engaged in any business writing, he should clearly know what he or she wants from the reader.

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