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Write 4 page essay on the topic Management Planning Paper.Download file to see previous pages... The human resource function‘s main purpose would be to analyze the interviewing, recruitment and appr

Write 4 page essay on the topic Management Planning Paper.

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The human resource function‘s main purpose would be to analyze the interviewing, recruitment and appraisal of staff within the company. Southwest’s human resource policy (prior to the acquisition of AirTran) showed that the company hired a low number of staff within its organization. this number was such that Southwest operated with an average of 62 employees per plane as compared to Delta’s 114 employees per plane. On acquiring AirTran, this number gradually increased the number of employees because of the fact that Gary Kelly (CEO of Southwest Airline) did not want to lay off any of the staff of AirTran and make them redundant. The Human resource function would need to get active in this case so as to combine different cultures of the organization concerned. Financial management within Southwest airline would require proper analysis of the financial functions within the organization such as preparing the financial statements, keeping up with the budgets, etc. Strategic management would require proper strategies to be build so as to keep the company growing in the long-run, an example of strategic management within Southwest airline is the decision made by its CEO of acquiring AirTran, Scientific management would involve aspects reading improvement of labor and economic efficiency. It can be identified as the policy of not offering expensive snacks during flights, nil baggage costs, etc (Whelan, 2011). These four departments would need to be linked effectively in order to make any strategy successful. The basic idea would be that the Strategic management department (at the top of the hierarchy of an organization) would make up strategies and communicate them to other departments down the line. Later, these departments would be highly involved in properly understanding and implementing the strategies in such as way that organization’s growth would become the motto of each and every personnel within the organization. Communication within the department would be made in such a way that knowledge sharing would be appreciated. The Human Resource department would only hire employees based upon the vacant job description i.e. efficient recruitment. The Finance department would be involved in preparing proper budgets and other financial statements for the organization. The strategic management division (which would involve top level employees e.g. CEO, Directors, etc) would be involved in formulating, evaluating and monitoring the policies and procedures within the organization. The four main areas of growth and change for each of the departments mentioned above would be: Human Resource department: i) Proper induction of employees, ii) Proper training for new and former employees, iii) Effective and efficient measure being put up for employee appraisal. iv) Dealing with redundancy issues Strategic Management Division : i) Strategies made should be have long term effect, ii) Company’s objective should be properly considered while such strategies are made, iii) Growth of the division would be possible when experienced directors/senior manager would be hired e.g.

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