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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic child care in colleges are essential: proposing a solution.

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic child care in colleges are essential: proposing a solution. On another angle, when students are able to find childcare centers for their children, the centers are usually underrated that the welfare of the children is sacrificed (McBride). The increasing child negligence in today’s society calls for facilitation of a childcare program in colleges and other institutions of higher learning across the globe. Notably, many parents today do not offer the required care to their child as they become busier in their careers and hence lack adequate time to take care of their children. Therefore, there has been an increasing deficiency of childcare at homes due to insufficient support by parents and guardians. This has led to an urge for a childcare program in colleges to supplement and meet the needs of these children who are denied the care. The programs should actively provide the most favorable and best quality childcare services for the students’ children. Therefore, an accredited and affordable college based childcare program, which offers flexible services for all to benefit is a fundamental necessity for students who are parents. Statistics shows that children who receive quality early childhood care are more likely to succeed in life (Anderson & Dektar). Therefore, high performance levels of child care centers need to be considered in establishing them inside the school campuses. To ensure this, having the child centers accredited should be compulsory. One of the authorizingmbodies is the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which aims to strengthen the operational aspects of early childhood systems for the benefit of the children. Such accreditation will provide peace of mind to the parents, knowing that the childcare centers they are entrust their children to are efficient as they conform to the set standards. There has been an increasing level of needy students in college struggling to balance their parental role with efforts in college. These parents are faced with a major challenge of handling both the childcare and concentrating on their studies. The colleges may subsidize the cost of childcare thus making it more cost effective than the community based care and hence more economically viable to the students. Many of the parents in colleges are low-income earners and therefore it has been a challenge due to the absence of an accessible and affordable child care. Therefore, the implementation of childcare programs in colleges provides more opportunity to the parents and allows the parent to attend the college for future developments. The college based child care fits the parents schedules on which she can easily get access to the child in a more convenient way. The childcare programs and services at colleges also provide more opportunities to the parents and the entire college stakeholders as more work opportunity is reconciled. This enables the low income generating parents in colleges to be financially sufficient as they gain access to convenient and affordable childcare as well as higher education. Conversely, the problem of taking longer period upon graduating from college is eliminated by the implementation of childcare in college (Day, Helen. Allen, et’al 24).Therefore, implementation of a campus childcare program allows a child care access among these parents.

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