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Write 5 page essay on the topic Sex only after marriage.Download file to see previous pages... Broken marriages are harming adults and children, creating a self fulfilling prophecy of a future which i

Write 5 page essay on the topic Sex only after marriage.

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Broken marriages are harming adults and children, creating a self fulfilling prophecy of a future which is more fragmented. Affairs within marriages, and children who wind up living in the emotional vacuum created by the absence of one of their biological parents, also add to the corporate social strain. Like a car engine running at the higher ends of its design specifications for too long, under too heavy a load, people individually and society at large are feeling the results of a lack of social harmony, and increased emotional vulnerability. If these elements are the effects of a society in emotional decline, what are the causes What elements and activities, over which individuals have control and can bring about change, are at the epicenter of the emotional and social decline which is affecting out culture.I believe one of the most significant widespread behaviors which contribute to the emotional and social turmoil of our time is that of engaging in sexual and physical intimacy outside of a marriage. Marriage is a socially stabilizing behavior. Marriage brings with it planned permanency of a relationship. Thus the two individuals can expect to have confidence that the vulnerability exposed during sexual relationship will be protected by the other person's commitment to the relationship, and to their partner. Within this protective encasement, the two can become more than the sum of their parts. They have the freedom and hopefully encouragement to grow, and experience something they would never have experienced on their own. Acceptance, unity, intimacy and peace with another unique, loving and protective individual. The two can become one, and their oneness gives birth to new possibilities, hopes, dreams, and eventually children.

From these general observations, I would like to present 4 specific arguments in favor of a societal shift which would move sexual intimacy out of the public marketplace, and back behind the emotionally secure doors of traditional marriage.

Sexual activity occurs before individuals are emotionally prepared, or physically ready for the consequences.

Children are exposed earlier and earlier to information regarding sexual activity. According to Bob Caylor of the Fort Wayne News Sentinel, their local public school curriculum includes the following information at the specified ages. The state's academic standards for what knowledge students of various ages should be able to demonstrate about health include:

Seventh-graders should be able to explain that sexual behaviors can result in pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Ninth-graders should be able to explain how sexual behaviors can lead to sexually transmitted diseases that can damage the reproductive ability

Ninth-graders should also demonstrate how to show respect for the sexual limits of others. (Caylor, 2006)

At what point did middle school age children attain a level of emotional maturity to understand that a sexual disease might damage their health for an entire lifetime The most important thing to most middle schoolers is the emergence of acne. A person at this age, while physically able to engage in a sexual act, is not emotionally or psychologically ready for sexual activity, and the consequences.

Sexual activity among younger children is becoming increasingly against the desires of their parents / guardians

In El Socorro Co, New Mexico, public school sexual education has reached into 3rd and 4th grades. According to Argen Duncan, many parents are there unhappy with the state sex education performance standards, which require students to know proper terminology of body parts starting in kindergarten.

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