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Write 5 page essay on the topic The King's Garden/The City of David/Silwan Controversy/ELAD.The King’s garden is a government proposal for the construction of a historical site in the capital city o

Write 5 page essay on the topic The King's Garden/The City of David/Silwan Controversy/ELAD.

The King’s garden is a government proposal for the construction of a historical site in the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem. The proposed site is in the Kidron Valley, south of Silwan, an Arab neighborhood and has been Israel’s territory since 1967 after it was taken from the Jordan’s West Bank occupation. It is believed to be an extension of the city of David, established approximately 4000 years ago during the Canaanite period. Archeological findings from the site are as old as 5000 years old, and define stories of peoples, cultures, and lives that occupied it in those ancient times, findings that are important to archaeologists because they learn about Jerusalem’s founding, development and style of life (Mizrachi). Archaeologists believe the King’s Garden is the same mentioned in the biblical books of Jeremiah and Kings, further revealing that it might have served Kings David and Solomon. Excavations by Ramat Rachel around the area depicted that the area was an ancient government space dating back the 8th century. They believe it was an agricultural produce collection center for government revenues. NirBarkat, the mayor of Jerusalem introduced some plans to develop the King’s Garden into a tourist zone. His intentions are to establish an all round tourist base with art galleries, restaurants, and commercial sections. The proposal has so far been approved for implementation. According to the Jerusalemchai.Org, the mayor’s proposal now recognized as the “GanHamelech” (Hebrew) or “Al Bustan” (Arab) has an outline as follows: The first thing he intends to do is to restore the garden. This he intends to do with restoring the western part to its original historic state so it assumes both national and international prominence. He also proposes restoration of the Gihon spring that once flowed through the Kidron valley. In addition, he intends to replant the now vanished orchards and make them open to the residents and visitors as well. Second, he proposes the establishment of a commercial area in the eastern side of the garden that will contain business premises, art galleries, local art shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, and other tourist-supportive establishments. All of these will be on ground level, and cover an approximate three-thousand square meters of land. Third, he wants to build housing units to house the district’s residents. These he proposes to develop on the eastern side as well, but further ahead of the commercial area. These units, he says, are to serve the local residents who now live in shabby, illegal houses. The fourth thing he proposes is an improvement and establishment of infrastructure in the area. The area he intends to build the advanced infrastructure currently exists as an open recreational facility, open with no planning or development. The improvements include upgrading the sewerage and road networks. Lastly, he plans to build a two-thousand square meters public utility buildings for use by the local residents. The large establishment is to house infant welfare centers, public areas, gymnasiums, schoolrooms, and kindergartens amongst others. An underground parking facility for approximately one-hundred and forty vehicles will also feature if the proposal gets

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