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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic adaptive computing in design and manufacture.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic adaptive computing in design and manufacture. Some might be one-handed while others are programmed in unique ways to accomplish normal activity with a single stroke. Some of these keyboards can be overlayed with larger types of the keyboard on top to “grow” the buttons and letters of the regular keyboard (Kumar, 2005).

This offers some people with limited range of motion and dexterity an effective way to make interact and selections with the computer. Some mouse devices allow the user to operate the mouse with head or foot movement while others offer trackballs and larger buttons to allow effortless manipulation. Lastly, the touchpads technology similar to that introduced laptops and desktops offers the user with the ability to select and move objects with the touch of a fingerprint (Parmee, 2004).

A user with limited movement of body parts, they can operate and interact with the computer through headsets and specialized programs that will enable the interaction through speech commands. The individuals will speak directly into the microphone on the headset to run programs, make a selection and input data and information (Sobh, 2007). The software of speech recognition is first installed in the computer, afterward, it is configured to allow the computer to automatically enter or type as the user executes or dictates spoken commands.

These devices allow data input through touch-sensitive screens. This is similar to the touchpad technology. The user will interact with the computer by simply touching the appropriate programs or icons on the screen, and when inputting data and information the user will use an on-screen keyboard (Kumar, 2005). A user with limited physical controls will use a special ‘wand’ which is held in the mouth or attached to the headband to select the appropriate icons on the screen, or else use the fingers to touch the screen for those who are not so much challenged.

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