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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic autism related to child language disorder/intervention.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic autism related to child language disorder/intervention. This paper will explore the connection between autism and child language disorder, and between autism and the various interventions employed to mitigate the effects of the disorder.

It is widely acknowledged that there are unanswered questions regarding the effect cognitive defects might have on theories relating to the causes and nature of infantile autism. First of all, what are the limitations of the cognitive defect and does it go beyond language? Secondly, does it form the core handicap which triggers other symptoms? Thirdly, if there is evidence that it does, is the cognitive effect a direct cause of the behavioral syndrome, or should an interaction exist between a specific set of environmental or other conditions and the cognitive effect before the syndrome develops. With respect to question one, it has been suggested that language is not the primary deficit. Rather, perceptual disturbances stemming from a homeostatic failure are key to autism (Bartak, Rutter & Cox, 2005). Scholars have often put forward the argument that autism results from widespread cognitive impairments that also include handicaps in visual perceptions. Various forms of perceptual defects have also been noted by other scholars. It, therefore, follows that autistic children can have various cognitive defects that involve verbal skills as well as perceptuo-motor (Rice, Warren & Betz, 2005). On the other hand, a majority of these defects have been discovered in autistic children who had mental retardation. This makes it possible that the defects may have been caused by&nbsp.associatedretardationas as much as autism. In searching for a nature of cognitive skills that might be particular to autism it is crucial to control the degree of cognitive development. Unfortunately, most research studies conducted have been unable to satisfy this fundamental requirement and therefore are of little (if any) value when determining the scope of the cognitive deficit.&nbsp.

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