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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the environmental and ethical impact on the community.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the environmental and ethical impact on the community. Matthew Jones is a reporter of a large daily newspaper organization. Matthew is concerned about the homeless people as he senses the destructive and isolation experiences he faces. He knows that homeless people are always fighting for their life due to the lack of nutrition, diseases, and untreated medical conditions. Matthew jones gave the assignment to James Young. Matthew's main intention was to make a story on the relevance of sentiment in understanding the impact of homeless on people and how providing shelter that can help them. The pictures should be taken before the final proposed plan, as it should provide the ultimate decision.

James Young went to the site to take pictures of the site but faced rejection. Homeless people ignore to cooperate with James. As some of them covered their faces and some other homeless either walked away. Deadline pressure of taking pictures forced Young to call some of his friends and take their pictures on behalf of homeless people. For the first time, the city editor was impressed by the pictures, but eventually, he gets to know the truth. The city editor was in a serious ethical dilemma of either overlooking the issue to save the shelter or severely reprimand Young for the disciplinary matter. This scenario relates to the conflict of interest between the employee James Young and his head city editor.

Deontology ethical frame is one approach that could have been taken by the city editor in case of an ethical dilemma (Hilner, 2000). Deontology ethical theory deals with the nature of duty and the right action (BBC, 2014). But without the value of motives and desirability of any act committed. Deontology judges the morality of an action but is based on the action's devotion towards rules and regulations (Cremer, 2012). The principle of deontology is that individuals are expected to say the truth irrespective of the circumstances and situation. This ethical frame puts special emphasis on the relationship between the morality and duty of individuals. The city editor is in an ethical dilemma about whether to overlook the issue or reveal the truth.

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