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Write 5 pages with APA style on Assassination Attempt at Oheka Castle, Long Island.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Assassination Attempt at Oheka Castle, Long Island. The researcher states that Gary Melius, who is also a politician, had been entangled in a legal dispute over the control of a certain company involved a business of making ignition locking devices intended to reduce drunkenness of drivers while driving. In the dispute, Melius has been engaged in a serious battle with John Ruocco who had founded interceptor ignition interlocks. It was reported that one of the recent struggles between Melius and Ruocco occurred on Friday before the day of the attempted assassination. Melius had accused Ruocco of company mismanagement and financial misappropriation. In retaliation, Ruocco referred Melius to as a duplicitous political fixer. A judge had ruled in court on December 24, 2013, that Ruocco was to be stripped of his ownership of the interceptor company. Before the Monday incident, Melius had sent a letter to investors informing them that he was going to appoint new directors at a shareholder’s meeting scheduled for that Monday when he was assaulted. Sandoval and O’Connor also suggest that Melius was in conflict with other celebrities including former presidents. He is considered to be actively involved in politics of Long Island. Daily News argues that Melius had spoken with law enforcers investigating political corruption in Long Island. As a lead investigator in the attempted murder, I would carry out various activities of investigation including visiting the site, visiting the scene, carrying out forensic investigations on materials found on the scene, and interviewing people. The first step, of course, would be to visit the scene and attempt to get eyewitness to the crime.

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