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Write 5 pages with APA style on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Write 5 pages with APA style on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Consequently, the overall financial cost in the health care sector will reduce. With this in mind, PPACA has different modes by which it hopes to achieve the dream. This includes tax credits, mandates and subsidies (Feldman 26). In addition, individuals or employers are receiving the rate of coverage. Logically, this reform aids with the improving of health care programs and also the delivery of health care services. Moreover, PPACA states that insurance companies need to offer equal rates in spite of the conditions in existence and cover every applicant (Feldman 33). As a result, there will be few deficits and less expenditure within the Medicare. In summary, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act cause several reactions especially from the conservatives who consider it bogus. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has existed since 2010 after being signed by President Barack Obama. However, this reform affects several policies that have been in existence. The reasons include disregarding of policies or conditions (Feldman 33). This means that every member of the community will undergo the same rating. Therefore, the premiums ought to be the same regardless of the geographical position, gender or other conditions. Therefore, there is a guarantee of issues. Additionally, there is sharing of the responsibility unless one belongs to a religious group (Feldman 35). Therefore, an individual that is not covered under a health care plan should receive a waiver when he or she is experiencing some hardships. Moreover, this will position the small scale businesses to compare their premiums and policies with those of the government. In addition, the government will subsidize the premiums of people living below the poverty line. This also applies to small scale businesses. Moreover, the same favors should extend to the members of that particular family. In addition, there should be a modification of the policies that state the minimum standards of coverage. Additionally, the insurance companies need to cover their employees with the same policies as it is a government requirement. In summary, these changes enable people to access affordable health care services since they will handle the payment. Arguably, this reform has led to several reactions. This is because it seems to suppress the insurance companies. Consequently, this issue found its way into the courts. However, the Supreme Court of America states that it is constitutional since it has the President’s signature. Consequently, it is known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (McDonough 57). It is also important to note that millions of people within America cannot afford to buy medical premiums because they are expensive. Additionally, the reform seems to force every individual to buy an insurance cover. Consequently, some people feel that PPACA interferes with their civic right, which is liberty (McDonough 62). In summary, the insurance companies feel that the reform interferes with their businesses while other people feel that they need their liberty to choose whether to buy the insurance cover or not. The Supreme Court did consider that it has the power to ignore the ruling until 2014 (McDonough 77). This is because an act prevents the court from making a decision until 2014. This is because the federal mandate has not yet taken effect.

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