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Write 5 pages with APA style on Ralph Waldos Nature and Whitman Walts Song of Myself and How They Have Addressed the Human.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Ralph Waldos Nature and Whitman Walts Song of Myself and How They Have Addressed the Human.

In as much as everybody appreciates the efforts from the previous academics, it is a fact that more is still necessary. Despite the concerns, it is apparent that some have shown a great understanding of the field. The human in ordinary terms refers to any person with the ability to reason in any argument and provide concrete decisions. Additionally, it also refers to an individual with the capacity to listen and assess different situations. Similarly, humans have emotional, psychological, and social aspects that allow them to mix well in society.

&nbsp.The eight chapters in Nature attempts to bring into light human’s tendency to accept knowledge instead of investing time to find out the reality. The relationship between man, God, and nature forms the key part of the discussion making the book important to understanding humans. Indeed, the human experience of life is also important in the book, as it brings into light different aspects of life (Emerson 06). In the book, the human is perceived as an individual with the advantage and ability to make rational decisions as well as choices with valid reasons.

In this light, humans have the capacity to unlock different mysteries of the world. Arguably, science objects to providing the theory of nature, nonetheless led by a man the broad truth still hangs on a balance. Nature and man are two different things. however, both rely on each other for survival. In as much as others can argue that man depends on nature for various things, on the contrary, both have a symbiotic relationship with a man depending on nature for survival while nature relies on man for conservation.

From a common knowledge point of view, nature is anything separate from man including other bodies, art, or other men. The human is a separate entity from nature. For example, from the book, when a man gazes at the sky, it is evident that separation exists. The stars in the sky provide a scenario to judge the “perpetual presence of the sublime” despite the separateness the intersection between humanity and God forms the core part of life.

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