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Write 5 pages with APA style on Tourists Ethnic Background and Nature-based Tourism.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Tourists Ethnic Background and Nature-based Tourism. New Zealand, London and Scotland), especially by calling attention to the experience aspect of travel. Nature-based experiences have received increased attention from researchers during past few years. Identification of Management Issues Nature-related tourism expects high expertise from individuals working at management level since it initiates funding for conservation as well as raise environmental awareness (Balmford, et al., 2009). As a student of Management, it is very much evident that from research perspective, the interest in nature-based experiences is escalating among individuals (e.g. Mehmetoglu, 2007a, 2007b. Waitt, Lane, & Head, 2003). The focus on cross-cultural differences in tourism experience consumption, however, is for the most part neglected. In an international tourism management context competition is rising, and knowledge of the different markets could be a precondition for success. To create a memorable nature-based experience for international visitors, awareness of how ethnic group might influence the perception of such experiences is argued essential. In the international tourism management arena, the experiential component of holidays is emphasised in promotion material as well as social media. As a result it is essential to know the customers and the national traits that might somehow characterise them. Statement of Research Question What is the relationship between Tourists’ Ethnic Background and Nature-based Tourism in London? Aim and Objective The purpose of this study is to divide tourist ethnic group, based on cultural point of reference and then compares the resulting segments in terms of the opinion of nature-based experiences of tourism from tourism management viewpoint. Literature review When people from different countries meet in international tourism, ethnic group becomes a central issue of interest. The characteristics of tourists from different countries also become evident when tourists come together in nature-based experience production and consumption. Cultural values held by tourists from different nations hence affect tourist behavior and perception, and can furthermore impact experience creation. In an international tourism context then, it is vital to understand culture (De Mooij & Hofstede, 2010), in order to recognise what tourists from various countries emphasise in their holiday experience. People's valuation of nature-based experiences, their motivation for taking part in them, and their preference for activities are therefore likely to differ according to ethnic group and cultural background. Providers and marketers of experiences are stakeholders in an international market, and from a managerial point of view the challenge is therefore to know the guests' preferences. Nevertheless, adapting to the guests' needs and wants might not be easy, as experiences are individually perceived and socially consumed. In practice, knowledge of nature-based tourists' national characteristics can result in managerial tools that guide adaptation of nature-based experiences to international tourist demands.&nbsp.

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