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Write 6 page essay on the topic Operating systems and networking.Download file to see previous pages... They develop puzzles, racing games, quizzes, social games, action games, and sports games. with

Write 6 page essay on the topic Operating systems and networking.

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They develop puzzles, racing games, quizzes, social games, action games, and sports games. with some of them designed to support remote multiplayer functionality. Some games are free to play, while others are only accessible after paying a small fee. The games also incorporate other features and services such as advertisements, promotions, and competitions to woo more and more clients. The marketing department is based in London. Here, they conduct market research and monitor customer responses and other behaviour in response to the company products. There are for data centres for online games strategically distributed across the country: in Sunderland, Norwich, Birmingham, and Southampton. The company faces strong competition from other established games companies across the United Kingdom including, Attention to detail, Bullfrog, glass ghost, DMA Designs and many others. Requirements Analysis Classic Studios Limited requires a network that will ensure continuous and reliable quality of service that will support real-time data transmission of the games and interactive applications. This calls for a network with high speed, high bandwidth, and a strong security policy. The following components will be required to achieve this network: a) Hardware requirements This will include the networking devices and the terminals for the company personnel. They include: Computers – they will form the majority of the nodes. They will provide terminals to carry out business functions and to configure networking equipment Workstations – they are more powerful than ordinary computers. They will be used mainly by the development team and also at the data centres Servers – they will store data and other resources and will make them available and accessible to the right people whenever they are required Printers – for printing technical documents and business reports VoIP phones – company workers will use them to make calls to each other over the internet Routers – they will connect the company’s network to the internet and the outside world Switches – they will be used inside the local area networks to provide redundant and secure paths for data packets within the network b) Software requirements Network software (e.g. Cisco IOS) – for programing the network equipment Operating system – will run on the computers, servers, and workstations c) Connections requirements Copper cables (UTP) – for linking up all the equipment in the local area networks Fibre optic cables – will be used to connect the different local area networks together Network Architecture and Design The headquarters, marketing offices, and data centres will each form a local area network. Transmission of data will use the TCP/IP standards.Logically the network will support multiple accesses within each of the LANs and point to point links between the LANs gateways. Multiple access means the several nodes with communicate with using the same shared media. A media access control such as CSMA/CA will have to be used to prevent collisions and overheads. Physically, the network will make economic utilisation of IPv4 addresses through the use of classless subnetting techniques (Metcalfe &amp. Boggs, 2000). Below is the design diagram of the proposed network.

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