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Write 6 page essay on the topic Research report assisting a client in a career choice.Download file to see previous pages... Even though the job market is promising for both accountants and real estat

Write 6 page essay on the topic Research report assisting a client in a career choice.

Download file to see previous pages...

Even though the job market is promising for both accountants and real estate agents the ability, taste and preference of the candidates are the factors that determine the job that should be provided to them. Only then right persons can be placed on right job. In this report at first the various factors that are to be considered before selecting the job are studied in detail on the countries perspective. After that an analysis of the interview conducted with the you is done to help us determine which job suits you the most.

Human Resource Management or HRM is playing a prominent role in the modern economy for taking an appropriate organizational or personal decision in a most significant manner. As far as an organization is taken in to consideration, human resources or the people belonging to an entity are the most valued asset. Personal management is quiet important, because the selection of right person for the right job is necessary to accomplish the goals and perform the work in a better manner. In this particular report, it is necessary to take a most appropriate decision about the career selection in the present scenario.

At present, due to the modernization and change in values and living style, the standard of living of the society or people got changed a lot. As a result of which, the level of education also got improved. As far as an individual is taken in to consideration, employment is one of the key concepts in the present scenario. Identification of proper career choice is a key concept during the life time of humans. For the selection of a best suited career, requires a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, interests, and resources. Proper and effective utilization of theoretical knowledge and skills in to practical life is essential in this regard. In case of humans, it is important to set personal goals, which will accomplish during the life time through the proper career selection.

While making recommendations about the better career selection, it is necessary to taken in to consideration certain areas like nature of the work, salary, working conditions, qualification, experience and Personality. All these factors can be studied in detail on the country's perspective at first.

Nature of work: Nature of the work is the core factor that is to be considered at first. Nature of the work refers to the activity or work the employee should do when he is placed on a job. This is what an employee considers at first. While considering the post of accountant it can be seen that the accountant is left with the job of maintaining the day book and preparing the final accounts. But nowadays the scope of the job has been extended towards analyzing the financial data too. Real estate agents are those who act as middle man between the customer and real estate broker. The nature of job of a real estate agent is to find persons who are in need of apartments or any other property and to make them purchase the apartments or properties from the real estate broker whom he is contracted with. In simple words his duty would be to boost up the sales of real estate broker.

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