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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic using psychological disorders to explain alien abductions.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic using psychological disorders to explain alien abductions. Thousands of people claim that alaiens abducted them Creation of public awareness by clarifying to the public that what they has been cited as abduction by aliens is an event that can be explained under psychological grounds. Four psychological disorders have been cited that can be used to explain the abductions. Holden notes that the disorders include sleep paralysis, false memory, abnormal and unusual activity in the temporal lobes, and psychopathology.2

Sleep paralysis has been cited as one of the most common causes of the confusion. Many abductees actually suffered from sleep paralysis which is a psychological disorder. Abduction by aliens and sleep paralysis share many features. According to Vaughan, one of the common features that they share is waking up and realizing that one cannot move.3 One may also have or experience overwhelming feelings of fear, sometimes feelings of intense pressure on the body are also experienced. There are people who have reported feeling very uneasy and dread some unknown events. Normal sleep paralysis occurs at a point during sleep when the body enters a stage of the sleep cycle known as the REM stage. The rapid eye movement stage is of sleep occurs when the cognitive and physiologic component of REM become desynchronized for a short period of time. During this stage, the brainstem blocks the movement of signals that have been generated in the human brain and travel to the muscles. The blockage means that signals that are required for there to be movement and coordination are absent.

It has been argued that the body often enters into this stage during the sleep cycle to prevent an individual from performing certain acts that he/she is dreaming about. A person deep in sleep and in the REM stage of sleep may wake up become conscious but realize that he/she is unable to move. Inability to move at this point is an indication that despite waking up and being conscious the body is still in the REM stage.

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