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Write 7 page essay on the topic Economy, Organizations and Work.Download file to see previous pages... One of the main reasons advanced for this pattern is that most of these students are constantly i

Write 7 page essay on the topic Economy, Organizations and Work.

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One of the main reasons advanced for this pattern is that most of these students are constantly interacting with each other, and hence it is easier to form some elements of friendships amongst them. Students pursuing a similar course, also have some elements of similarity, and commonality (Venkateswaran, 22). For example, students in the same department of sociology have a similar factor in common, that is sociology. On this basis, this subject binds them together. In terms of race and age, it is important to denote that students are always comfortable interacting with one another. This is because they are always conscious of each other’s races, and to avoid discrimination and victimization, students would rather interact with people of their own races. Technology also plays a great role in influencing the social interactions and friendship of students. Social media such as face book and twitter help students to create a large network of friends, whereby they can share their thoughts and perceptions about the school, classes, and the curriculum in general (Venkateswaran, 12). However, there is a difference between online and offline friendship networks in the manner in which information is shared. Sensitive and private information is not shared with online friends. On the other hand, this type of information is always shared with offline friends. In relation to reciprocity and transivity, students normally help each other while in school. On this basis, students who are helped usually have a sense of loyalty to those who have helped them. On this basis, they tend to have a close relationship with these students. It is important to denote that the most popular students in school are those who have a helping hand. That is, they will always have money to share with their colleagues (Krackhardt and Hanson, 3). This is because college life is always difficult, and students normally want to out partying. They cannot achieve this objective without money. A student who offers to pay for them will hence achieve loyalty and popularity. On this basis, he or she will have a large following. II: In order to make the friendship networks beneficial to students for purposes of spreading innovative ideas, it is important for the administration to carry out a survey for purposes of finding out the relationship between students. In such surveys, the management can use questionnaires to ask questions pertaining to the relationship amongst the students under consideration (Kadushin, 31) . For instance, in the questionnaires, and the administration can ask students the people that they normally seek for advice, and the students who might keep their confidence. The next step is to cross check the answers contained in the forms for purposes of finding out if they are consistent with one another. On this basis, the final information that the management will use should be based on information that is consistent and contained in the surveys/ questionnaires (Krackhardt and Hanson, 11). The next and the final step is to process the information for purposes of devising a strategy that can help in promoting innovative ideas amongst college students. It is important to denote that these processes help in acquiring information and building of trusts amongst students.

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