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Write 7 page essay on the topic Marijuana in the treatment of diseases.Download file to see previous pages... While the legalization of marijuana has been frequently debated on from a sociological and

Write 7 page essay on the topic Marijuana in the treatment of diseases.

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While the legalization of marijuana has been frequently debated on from a sociological and cultural point of view, the status of marijuana because of its medical benefits has not acquired as much attention. Marijuana is the name of the illicit drug that is used most commonly in the US (Buddy). When marijuana is smoked, it starts affecting the users nearly instantly and its effect can last for up to three hours and when marijuana is consumed in food, the effects take a little longer to show up but also last longer in such cases. Research in the recent years has led to the creation of knowledge that advocates the suitability of marijuana for the treatment of a vast range of medical issues. This paper explores the medical benefits of marijuana. (Fiz et al) carried out a detailed research to draw a comparison between the effects of the use of cannabis on the patients of fibromyalgia (FM). The purpose of the research carried out by (Fiz et al.) was the description of different patterns of use of cannabis and its effects on patients of FM. The researchers compared the quality of life of patients of FM that took cannabis with those who did not take it. To achieve this, they recorded the information about medicinal cannabis on a questionnaire and also used visual analogue scales for the perceived advantages of cannabis on different sorts of symptoms. Both types of patients completed the questionnaire and other tools given to them for the purpose of research. The research included equal number of both types of patients. there were 28 patients of FM with cannabis use and an equal number of non-user patients. Both groups had same clinical and demographic variables. The duration of drug intake varied in the cannabis using patients and the route of administration was also different among different patients. Different patients used different amounts of cannabis and also with different frequencies. It was found that after 2 hours had passed since the use of cannabis, patients experienced a statistically significant decline in stiffness as well as pain. Their level of relaxation was enhanced. They were more solemn and were feeling well. Cannabis using patients of FM showed significantly higher score of mental health component summary compared to the patients of FM that did not use cannabis. As a result of this research, it can be concluded that the use of cannabis is linked with advantages on few symptoms of FM. More research needs to be done to explore the benefits of use of cannabis in the patients of FM and also the involvement in cannabinoid system in this condition’s pathophysiology. Research upon the therapeutic possibilities of marijuana started around the 1960s with the Psychiatrist Tod H. Mikuriya who believed in the tendency of marijuana to treat over 200 ailments. These ailments included but were not limited to insomnia, stuttering, writer’s cramp, and premenstrual syndrome. Marijuana has been known to be particularly useful for the treatment of side effects including vomiting, chemotherapy, and nausea. Besides, use of marijuana helps increase appetite, improves sleep, and relieves pain so as to give the patients instant relief. All of these effects of the use of marijuana, directly or indirectly, help relieve the depression of the users and improve their quality of life in general.

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