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Write 7 page essay on the topic Sustainable Talent Management.Download file to see previous pages... hanges within the employees sector. In this paper we are going to evaluate different talent managem

Write 7 page essay on the topic Sustainable Talent Management.

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hanges within the employees sector. In this paper we are going to evaluate different talent management processes to sustain the talents and the organization’s work force in the lon run. Context of Performance management Process Performance management seeks to ensure efficiency and reliability in achieving the pre-defined goals in line with the laid out procedures. In modern organizations there are different departments which are run/ assigned to different professionals who have not only specialized with the field but have other side skills and talents which can be modelled to fit with the department/ organization’s culture. Performance and potential of a given employees forms the basis of employing optimum measure and prediction of his/ reliability in future (Cokins, 2009). Long Cycle performance measure: This is whereby I evaluate the employee’s productivity annually, semi-annually or on quarterly basis. This process gives an insight of long term fairing of the employee’s reaction to the business environment, application of his extra skills and how they converge/interact with his immediate tasks over the given period of time and the changes from the external business forces. Short-Cycle Performance measure: On this evaluation, I would consider gauging the employee’s performance on either weekly, by-weekly or on monthly basis. Depending on the nature of the project, some areas require urgency and to ascertain the individual to be assigned to these areas require critical analysis of their speed in responding to critical issues within a selected department. For instance, a qualified Accountant with extra skills in software management and can work with strict deadlines, will be a resource towards the end of a project where much needs to be done with a fixed deadline. Micro Performance measure: Measurement based on shortest time spans of minute, hours or a day. The diversity of talents within an organization will enable me to ascertain who can work better on some issues during different hours of the day and how much he can achieve with respect to his/her colleagues. The above performance measure processes can be pegged on Program specific output which generally defines the expected departmental results. Program specific performance measure due to diversity of program/department needs and the corporate culture/ laid out policies/procedures within that department. Respective employee’s specialization and performance within an assigned task, and all governed by the organization’s strategic goal and objective. This will ensure a sustainable talent management because reliable data will be available on the employee’s competencies, their time response and consolidation with the organization’s goals with time. In management of talent pools managers are required to develop both short term and long term talent review process to maintain smooth running of the organization’s personnel.

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