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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic nursing initiatives in global health promotion and education.

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic nursing initiatives in global health promotion and education. Health education is a function of various health professionals, but more so for nurses who often spend the most time with patients and their families. and who are often deployed in the community setting. It is therefore important to conceptualize a program which can maximize the role of nurses in health education and community activism. Hence, this program is being conceptualized as a means of improving the health outcomes in China.

Goal: To conceptualize a health education plan which will be taught by the hospital nurses to their patient during the latter’s stay in the hospital and by community-based nurses in the community setting

a. Teaching the patients and the members of the community (especially those with children of immunizable age) the importance of participating in the government’s EPI (expanded program of immunization).

a. Teaching the patients and the community the different benefits of adopting a healthy diet and exercise in one’s life. This includes teaching the patients the different essential foods which can provide optimum health and resistance to diseases.

c. Teaching the patient and the community the importance of avoiding excess intake of alcohol and/or drugs. the benefits of quitting smoking. and the different ways they can avoid the transmission and the acquisition of sexually-transmitted diseases.

b. Teaching female patients how to properly conduct breast self-examination and male patients how to conduct prostate self-examinations. This also involves teaching patients the different early signs and symptoms which can indicate the presence of diseases.

Nurses are at the very forefront of healthcare delivery. Among all the members of the medical team, nurses spend the most time with patients. They are present at almost every stage of the treatment process – from admission to assessment to treatment, and on to discharge.

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