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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic psychology in nursing aspects and characteristics.

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic psychology in nursing aspects and characteristics. All patients internationally need to communicate throughout their illness especially when the support from the family or the close social environment (e.g. relatives, friends and so on) is limited or even non-existent. In order to respond to the needs of patients around the world for psychological support, governments in all countries have developed an appropriate legal framework (including provision for psychological support services within healthcare institutes – either of the public or the private sector) internationally. However, apart from the legal provisions regarding the development of psychological support in the healthcare sector, the application of a relevant scheme in practice requires that employees in the above sector are appropriately trained on all the parts of the specific scheme. For this reason, specifically customized training programs have been developed in most organizations operating in the healthcare industry around the world. However, it should be noticed that the application of theory in practice – as in the case that will be developed below – can be quite challenging especially if the employees involved do not have the appropriate skills in order to respond to the needs of a relevant project.

As already noticed above, psychology is a necessary part of services provided in all healthcare organizations around the world. The level of importance of psychological support for each specific patient can be differentiated through in accordance with the characteristics of his/ her case, i.e. the type of the illness from which the particular patient suffers. In healthcare institutions around the world, the psychological support of patients is mostly offered by nurses – who can have been appropriately trained or just involved in a specific case because of his/ her experience on a specific illness. In the literature and the empirical research, the role of nurses to the improvement of the psychological condition of patients has been extensively examined – different assumptions can be made in each case under the influence of a series of factors, like the patient’s psychological profile, the type of illness involved, the local social and cultural ethics and stereotypes and so on.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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