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Write 8 page essay on the topic New Media Audiences and Technologies.Download file to see previous pages... Firstly I will discuss the new media then I will discuss the positive and negative impacts o

Write 8 page essay on the topic New Media Audiences and Technologies.

Download file to see previous pages...

Firstly I will discuss the new media then I will discuss the positive and negative impacts of new media. Further on I will discuss the audiences of new media and the technologies which, are used by the audiences and the media. The methodology I have written this research paper by using the qualitative research method. Qualitative research is the observational method, consists of observation by looking at people’s action, interviewing and recording. This is totally different from the quantitative method because, in the quantitative method, data is collected through the scientific research method. I have written that research paper by observing people’s everyday activities while using new media and technologies. I have observed teenagers who have between 11to 19 years. I have also observed middle age people who are in between 35 to 45. I have also asked some questions to people for collecting the data. For the data collection, I have also used secondary data collection method in which I have read several books, articles, and newspapers for finding the analyses and conclusion. Findings and Analyses New media New media consist of youtube, Socializing websites, Google, Netvibes, Pageflakes, SpringWidgets, your minis, Flicker, blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, wikis etc as well as personal homepages like on My Space and Facebook. Through YouTube, you can easily upload and download a high technology colored video within a minute. From the social networking sites, you can upload thousands of photos which are saved in your personal id and there is no fear of losing them. As well as from social networking sites you can easily communicate with your family, friends, and relatives and you can easily know that what is going on in their lives. New technologies And Audiences As we know new technologies are emerging like plasma televisions have introduced having cinema’s style vision, outstanding voice quality as well as wireless remotes. I have observed various people who are using new technologies for surfing media and have some authentic analysis. When you are watching movies and other programmers’ on plasma television you are feeling that you are present in that place. As well as plasma television also have microphones which can hear your voice when you say on the television starts showing vision and when you say off television shuts down without any touch. The interaction is developing more and more with the passage of time. Instead of that now the audiences are using home gateway box with their televisions and with that gateway box. You have to on TV digital recording service from the cable operators. In every month customer gives 50$ to cable operators for that service and during the commercials, with your wireless remote you can instruct the home gateway box to find, download and play your favorite program. From the internet you can also play any game online as well as you can shop for any product online, you can select, order and buy (Living Stone, 2003). Nature of audiences is also changed. Readers of newspapers have become minimized. Before the new media people are used to read the newspaper on the daily basis for getting updates. Now the readers of the newspaper are in a less amount as compared to before because the new media has been introduced in which internet plays a key role. On the internet there are various newspaper agencies which publish all news bulletins however, you can say all news agencies are doing that so.&nbsp.

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