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Write 8 page essay on the topic Stereotypes in the early American society their effects and influences on women's social lives.Download file to see previous pages... The African Americans and whites l

Write 8 page essay on the topic Stereotypes in the early American society their effects and influences on women's social lives.

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The African Americans and whites lived in different places and led different lifestyles too. The blacks spread rumors about the whites’ hatred towards them until it became a stereotype in the society (Walker 121). Both the whites and the African Americans looked upon their women in several ways. This work focuses on the stereotypes in the early American society and its effects on women’s lives. In the early American society, men made women believe they were inferior in the society. There were three kinds of women in the early American society namely the whites, Indians and the black American women. The three had different responsibilities dictated by the racial stratification. The white women were meant to prepare and serve food to other family members. Indian women were to assist white families with cleaning among other domestic chores, while the Black American women were to work in the fields with their men. Despite the different roles assigned to different women, the issues of stereotypes made women see men to be more superior. The black American women believed the man was the head of the family and more superior. They toiled in the white men’s field together with their men (Green Virginia Commonwealth University). The society looked down upon women to an extent that they could not be awarded their own wages. Men received wages on women’s behalf. However, some white men provided women with their wages but at lower packages compared to those of men. Women also toiled for longer hours than their men, yet the society never appreciated that, because women were generally created to work. Men would later gather in social joints to entertain themselves and refresh their minds after a long day’s work. Women, on the other hand, would move to the kitchen and ensure their men and the rest of the family had something to feed on. Women were never allowed to be in bars despite having the ability to afford the drinks. Indian women, on the other hand, received better wages than the black Americans but some of the wages were to be given to the husbands for entertainment purposes. The whites had to please the Indian men so that they would allow their women to work in the white men’s residences. History records that the majority of Indian women were forced into sexual indulgent by their male bosses. They could not report such incidences simply because women were not meant to raise any concern in the society. The majority opted to practice abortion since the Indian community never accepted half caste children. The irony of it was that the white men indulged in sexual acts with the Indian women despite the presence of their own wives. They too had no voice but to live as per the rules and regulations of their husbands. The cities demonstrated different kinds of stereotypes to make women look inferior. The industrial sector did not use the human capital theories to recruit different workers in different workplaces. The appropriate recruiting technique involves interviews to assess individual capabilities with respect to a certain position in the workplace. However, men were automatically assigned prestigious roles despite their qualifications. The society made women believe they could not hold top rank positions in any organization.

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