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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic ethical issues in an age of information and communication technology.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic ethical issues in an age of information and communication technology. There have been found some gap in implementation status. For the purpose Brooks (2010) suggested having some ethical relationship development and higher education institutions, in particular, to take responsibility.

Societal Ethical Changes Caused by Information Technology:

Declining moral values has accelerated in pace due to information technology. This notion has been supported by the fact that growing information technology allows misconduct and deceits as compared to the situation in the past (Brooks, 2008). This is being done repeatedly and due to the lack of a proper framework for stopping these activities the overall concern and thoughts regarding the ethical impact of such activities have reduced (Gleason, 1999). Consequently, ethical values which are being inducted in society are bad and negative. Painful realities of cheating (64 percent), lying (42 percent) and stealing (35 percent) have become conduct of American youth with all these menaces in an upward trend in two years (Josephson Institute, 2009). The worst part of the situation is 93 percent of the surveyed people are satisfied with their conduct. how a person can improve without considering him/herself wrong. The excessive use of information technology through every mean has resulted in enforcing negative societal ethical implications. According to Britz (1996), the technology has resulted in creating a threat for the privacy of the people and there is a need to come up with proper code of ethics and measures for overcoming this ethical issue related with the information technology. Information technology has made it easier for the people to intervene in the privacy of other people and thus people are learning to cheat, steal, and lie.

Business Decisions about the firm’s conduct are self-reflective of the firm’s concern for ethical conduct. In a survey cited by McCuddy, Reichardt, and Schroeder (1993) it was found that employees refer to unethical behavior for any of three reasons. first, the organization itself expects it, second, everyone in the organization is unethical, or/and thirdly to get ahead in position it is the only exercisable option left for employees. Decisions to get the mentioned or planned results by anyways to satisfy shareholders are responsible for the unethical behaviors in the employees and management. Employee if resigns to resist from such behavior then this affects his/ her career and management level if resists indulging in any unethical behavior in order fulfill the goals set by the shareholders then they are penalized by the shareholder (by taking share price down etc). Hence, it is the decision-maker who is required to be more ethical to have a reflection in downstream.

The Ethical Usage of Information Technology:

Defining line for the ethical usage of information technology is difficult to determine for the fact that ethical values cannot be grained in a click and developing ethics are long term constant process. Former is faster in development and the latter requires efforts. Ethical usage of technology is more concerned with one's’ inner self, for Instance, Brooks (2010) mentioned an example of Harbert (2007) as “Dark Secret Ugly Truth –and The Little Guidance”.

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