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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how to use a wood material in computer hard disk drives.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how to use a wood material in computer hard disk drives. A hard disk drive is made up of aluminum and a mixture of other non-biodegradable materials. These two components are expensive. hence, it is essential to come up with new, cheap, and easily available materials to be used as alternatives in the manufacture of hard disks. This will result in a decline in the cost of producing and installing the hard disks.

Wood is a cheap and readily available product that can be used in the manufacture of hard disks. The use of wood materials will allow for the production of affordable hard disk drives, as well as increase the efficiency of hard drives.

The computer hard drive is made up of several components with different functions, as discussed below. These internal components are very sensitive to dirt and dust and, therefore, hard drives should never be opened (Born, 1997). The following figure shows the major components of a hard disk.

It is also known as the drive casing and it is a rectangular box that holds and covers all the internal components of the hard drive (Born, 1997). It also helps in mounting the drive on the computer casing using screws.

It contains a motor and it rotates the platters at a specific speed that is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). It also helps in holding the platters together. The spindles may rotate at speeds ranging from 4800 to 7200 RPM. The speed of rotation increases with the increase in file size and speed of transfer (Braun, 2009).

They are located at the center of the disk and are used to store the computer data. The number of platters in a disk may vary depending on the capacity of the disk. They are made from a non-magnetic material, mostly aluminum alloy, ceramic, or glass (Hdd-tool, 2010). Aluminum alloy was initially used but today the desire for higher density has resulted in the use of glass platters. Glass platters are also preferred since they are more stable thermally and offer greater rigidity (Born, 1997).

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