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Write 8 pages with APA style on Preventing Mental Disorders in School-Age Children.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Preventing Mental Disorders in School-Age Children. However, in most instances, such problems among children remain unidentified and neglected. In this respect, the children are required to be provided with adequate assistance with the objective of identifying and preventing the psychological problems diagnosed among children in a time-efficient and effective manner. Moreover, health programs are required to be initiated with the intention of providing better counseling services for children with mental health issues (William & Kerfoot, 2005). Emphasizing this particular notion, the paper will intend to discuss the evaluation as well as the assessment of healthcare services in relation to psychological issues diagnosed among children. It will also discuss the procedures as well as the programs in accordance with which assistance is aimed to be provided to the children.

The issue related to the psychological health of the children is recorded to be growing rapidly. On the contrary, mental healthcare services have been demonstrated to possess various limitations in identifying and thus implementing preventive measures to counter the psychological problems faced by children within the community (Stagman & Cooper, 2010). It is worth mentioning in this context that mental health issues probable among children are required to be identified ineffective time-efficient manner with the objective of assisting those children at risk with the implementation of effective prevention programs. In this regard, the children should be provided with adequate assistance by the human services departments of various countries both at the international and regional levels involving the care providers, communities as well as schools. Contextually, due attention also needs to be rendered towards the identification of mental problems among children at an early stage which can assist in better assessment of the psychological problems experienced by the children. It is worth mentioning in this context that there are various child-serving organizations established in various countries, which are entitled to the task of providing support to the children suffering from psychological problems and their families (Greenberg, Domitrovich & Bumbarger, 2000).

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