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Write 9 page essay on the topic Everyone should have a concealed handgun carry permit/license.For instance, Clayton E. Cramer and David B. Kopel pinpoint that in Florida “a murder rate that was 36%

Write 9 page essay on the topic Everyone should have a concealed handgun carry permit/license.

For instance, Clayton E. Cramer and David B. Kopel pinpoint that in Florida “a murder rate that was 36% above the national average when carry reform went into effect in 1987, fell by 1991 to 4% below the national average” (Cramer &amp. Kopel 2010). Realizing the significance of handgun permits the California State has made the process easier for such domestic violence victims who are in immediate danger to obtain a handgun license. Thus, it can be argued that the gun carry permit reforms do not endanger public safety. on the other hand, concealed handgun carry permit/license would help many to guard their lives from criminal attacks. 2nd amendment – interpretation The second amendment to the United States’ constitution was a landmark as far as the concealed handgun carry permit/license of the nation is concerned. It was the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that legalized carrying concealed weapons and granted “citizens of the United States the right to carry and use firearms” (Cato, 2010). However, the process of acquiring such a gun carry license included various steps in many of the States. The eligible candidates need to fulfill several qualifications and each of these steps made sure that public safety is maintained and that only the right people are legalized to use concealed guns. For instance, obtaining a permit to legally carry weapons concealed under clothing in Florida require that the person is above 21. answers the questionnaire of 30 questions that check his eligibility, produces five key documents that include his identity card, proof of citizenship or legal residency, proof of weapons training, disclosure of any criminal record and a written, signed intent to obtain a concealed weapons permit. obtains, fills and submits a Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Application. obtains a fingerprint card, and waits for a period of up to 90 days (Cato, 2010). A license thus obtained is valid only for seven years. All these procedures make it clear that offering concealed gun permit do not pose any threat to the public safety as it is evident that any person who is likely to cause threat to the public will not be offered such a legal permit. However, it can also be noted that in certain States it is enough for the person to be a resident or permanent resident who is a greencard holder which seems to be a bit alarming. Similarly, even though under the current federal legal precedent it is constitutional under the Second Amendment for states to offer permit for private gun use, one should also bear in mind that the second amendment also provides states the provision to formulate laws that prohibit concealed carried weapons. However, it is to be noted that Wisconsin and Illinois are the only two states that have prohibited carrying concealed weapons whereas all other states have legalized the private use of concealed guns. The second amendment contributed to a lot of debates in the American society. The gun control advocates were strongly against the provision towards legalizing concealed private gun use as they held that it would increase violence and homicides. The advocates of gun ownership, on the other hand, regarded “the attacks on gun ownership as attacks on freedom, and defended their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment just as fiercely” (Walenta, 2011).

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