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Write 9 page essay on the topic Research and write up a case study: Local youth culture & the global. The case-study requires use of critical evaluation, utilis.Download file to see previous pages...

Write 9 page essay on the topic Research and write up a case study: Local youth culture & the global. The case-study requires use of critical evaluation, utilis.

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Globalization has made the world a smaller place and has impacted the society dramatically. It has been largely aided by the media. While the media has played a big role in connecting the entire globe, there also instances of media violence which has crippled the entire nation and led to moral panics. The social cognitive theory incorporates behavioral factors both personal and environmental that have an impact on young mind. The media and its effect directly impact the non-environmental factors that work through an observational pattern of learning. Personal factors comprise of one’s wishes, his understanding of his self, his belief in himself, his motivation level and behavioral factors include the actions of an individual that have transpired from previous interactions. Reciprocal determinism is the term coined to depict the interaction of the aforementioned three aspects. (Karsh, 2009, p.34) In today’s time and age, there are various forms of entertainment and media available at the disposal of the young population. These include video games and other opportunities on the Internet. These opportunities give the young population enough access for gaining knowledge via observation. Moreover, the impact of aggression and aggressive modes of behavior on the young minds of children when exposed to violent senses and images is immense. The young minds feel the urge to replicate what they see. The primary idea of this paper is to depict how violence as projected by the media has a negative impact on the youth in the form of “moral panic. Moral panic becomes an issue when the observational learning experience goes on to become a direct threat to the social ethics and well being of a society. It then directs the mind of the youth in negative direction and severely impacts the well being of the society at large. Case Study: Moral panics are a condition, an episode in which a person of a group of persons emerge and come out as a defined threat to the values and interests of the society at large. (Cohen, 1972, p9). Moral panics occur mostly in times when the society is unable to cope up with the change and when the change brings about a fear of loss of control within the realms of the society structure. This trend was particularly evident in during the 1960s. That was when the society experienced many modernizing trends for instance, the sexual revolution. When events such as that took place during the 1960s are replicated, they arouse a growing concern that moral standards are declining and entire generations are demeaning and comprising on the society’s moral structure. There have many such cases in which young people have been associated in murder and killing cases. Interestingly, the victims have also been young people, or white skinned females. Such murders have given rise to a lot of media sensationalism. The killing in itself was a result of media projection of violent images in the first place in a lot of cases. However, today abduction by strangers is decreasing but abduction by family members and friends is increasing than ever before. One case in this regard was the murder of James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993). James Bulger was a boy who hailed from Kirkby England and was murdered on 12TH February, 1993 when he was just 2 years old. He was murdered, tortured and killed by two ten year old boys Robert Thompson and Job Venables.

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